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Fujitsu puts out low and guides the series of the number of leg (LPC) 8 microcontrollers

Fujitsu is microelectronic ’ Shanghai) Limited company announces its F2MC-8FX family (*1) today Add, have under 20 pins by 3 style ’ Include 20) Low guide number of leg (LPC) Series. F2MC-8FX family is 8 high-performance microcontrollers with embedded fast flashing memory. Offered three new series (series MB95200H, series MB95210H and series MB95220H) from September 9, 2008 Sample wafer. For should to at the the intersection of Asian and market to apply electrical home appliances and other consumption the intersection of LPC and snowball demand of microcontroller of electronic product to, Fujitsu has added these three series in its products on the line.

In recent years, the Asian market is right to apply to electrical home appliances and other consumption electronic products to be (such as water heater, grill pan, dehumidifier and air blower) LPC 8 demands of microcontroller had increase rapidly. In order to respond to these demands, Fujitsu microelectronic Corporation takes 8 F2MC-8FX families of high-performance microcontroller of the embedded fast flashing memory to add series LPC him: 8 stitches of series MB95210H, 16 stitches of series MB95220H, 20 stitches of series MB95200H.

These new series, besides using and deciding little controller, still causing the I/Os and analog to digital converters (*2) of main microcontroller or ASIC because of changing in high-quality audio-visual equipment system specification Characteristic reaching state hour,as packs of microcontroller.

These three new series are still adopted and debugged on the single wire slice. Only use a pin, thus guiding the number of leg while reducing product development to the maximum extent on the microcontroller while debugging.

In addition, besides these series, the microelectronics of Fujitsu offers MB2146-410-01-E the ABC of kit at the same time. The ABC of kit is the encapsulated products development environment alone.

Price of the sample wafer and offering

Key feature of the new series

1. The leading in trade first-class CPU characteristic contributes to improving the customer’s properties of product

The new series use CISC CPU of F2MC-8FX, offer 8 microcontrollers of the leading in trade first-class characteristic. Maximum operating frequency is 16.25 MHz, the instruction time of minimum is 61.5 ns, so compared with other suppliers’ microcontroller, each cycle executable more orders. Because can reach the required treatment characteristic with lower frequency, this series can also help the customer to reduce the power consumption.

2. The embedded peripheral device has lowered costs

Because the microcontroller is built-in to run in the internal CR resonator of the job clock (accuracy rating: ± 2%) And measure the undervoltage detection circuit of the voltage drop, so does not need to add the external oscillator and reset IC, this contributes to reducing the cost of the integrated system.

3. Can change the multi-functional timer of the function in a flexible way the processing system is required

To the clock function, Built-in: mixed counter, can use the free interval of arrangement clock of the software, calculate the pulse width, do functions such as puls e-width modulation, inputting catching,etc., in order to meet the needs of different systems.

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